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Shuniu: HQ

[HQ] Taking a long break from Shuniu!
Posted by on December 19 at 04:43 PM

Let’s be honest, since Keli left I’ve been going around non stop trying to keep the place in shape. I always wanted to work on my website but I was never given the chance because of you guys. But now that Keli and such are returning, I’ll be taking a break from Shuniu. I’ll however check once in awhile for my PM’s for those joints and collab entires. Looking forward to see you guys in the future!

~Kasai Shi

[North/East] North merged into East
Posted by on December 05 at 04:59 PM

North and East have merged together creating North/East. All themes from North and East are usable.
Now North and East members can interact with each other easier and one Head Administrator can run North/East.

There is a total of 3 divisions now. North/East, South, and West. Even though North/East is now merged into each other it doesn’t mean this is the end for North or East. You have to remember that they’re divisions created by SHUNIU. Just saying.

Regards, Keli.

[HQ] SGC Extended!
Posted by on December 03 at 05:37 PM

To be nice, I’ve extended the collab’s due date! Enjoy!

~Kasai Shi

[HQ] Twitter Account made for Support
Posted by on November 30 at 01:06 PM

This is mainly for those who cannot access Shuniu for some reason, but others can happily go on it as well. I’ll be posting other news that won’t really fit here.

~Kasai SHi

[HQ/Wiki] Shuniu; Wiki Volunteers needed!
Posted by on November 25 at 10:07 PM

Me and Keli are currently opening up a Shuniu; Wiki page. While I am currently unsure whether Keli would like it or not, I’m thinking of getting some people to help out once we put in all of the basic details. I’m mainly looking for those who have been around Shuniu the most (e.g. Since 2011, etc), and mainly staff members. Please volunteer by commenting here or PMing me!

~Kasai Shi
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